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Sometimes you want a vacation, or better yet, you NEED a vacation, but there is a budget to consider. Let us work with you to get you the vacation you need.

Make us an Offer:

Give us your budget, the number of people and the dates that you need.We'll do the rest. The most important part it to keep it realistic. Obviously $50 a night for a 3 bedroom cabin is not realistic and will not be accepted.

Important things to keep in mind:

There are fees to be considered other than the nightly rate, for example cleaning and sales tax. These items are fixed costs and are not negotiable. Sales taxes are collected for the local tax agencies and must be paid. Cleaning normally is a break-even situation. We hire someone to clean your cabin before your arrival. Hot tubs are drained, bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized. It normally takes any where from 2 to 6 hours to clean your cabin based on the size of it.We will not compromise on cleanliness and that charge has to be paid.

For example:

If you offer a total $500.00 for a seven night trip:

Your offer is $500.00 - cleaning, - sales tax. Assuming we are talking about a 1 bedroom cabin, that would be

$500.00 total price

-56.54 sales tax

-75.00 cleaning

$368.46 rent (divided by 7 = $52.64 a night)

This offer may be realistic for some cabins, but not others. Also, keep in mind, your offer has to consider seasons and holidays. We will do our best to match your offer to the best cabin and get you that much needed vacation at a price you can afford!

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All Offers should be made for nightly rate only. 

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